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Jalsa, meaning "celebration" or "enjoyment" offers the best Gujarati and Rajasthani Thalis. We look forward to welcoming you at JALSA for an authentic Indian vegetarian experience. A Pure Vegetarian kitchen serving Gujarati,Jain and Rajasthani cuisines.


The third took the squirming trunk within his hands, and felt it very like a snake. Does one wriggle around in ecstasy? Yes in addition to the food, their Chaas, Indian desserts, are worth a mention. The second, feeling of the tusk, found it smooth and sharp very like a spear: Not many entrepreneurs would like to have a pure-vegetarian restaurant. but owner Anup Shah has spearheaded this concept. The first approached the Elephant, and happening to fall, felt the Elephant is very much like a wall! When it comes to pure vegetarian food, this restaurant stands firm like a wall in consistency and quality. The preparations Surti Pattice with its mashed potato and green pea stuffing, Undhiyoo made of lentil pods, yam and sweet potato, the traditional Rajasthani Dal to name a few, anytime, anyday the preparation remains constant in taste and texture. and with a menu changing daily, the blind men for once are all in the right.

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Mr. Sunil Mathai
F & B Manager